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Engaging with The IP Alliance happens in the beginning stages of the Project Definitions and Design phase of a smart building project.  Call us today to get a free consultation on how we cand help you realize your ultimate vision.

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MAKING BUILDING SMARTER Real-Time and Up-to-Date Technology Planning for Smart Building Design WELCOME TO THE IP ALLIANCE SMART BUILDING EXPECTATIONS MET Smart Building systems needs to be planned for from the beginning to maximize ROI WELCOME TO THE IP ALLIANCE True Technology Partners As technology advances you have a true partner for maintenance, support and upgrades. WELCOME TO THE IP ALLIANCE

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improves collaboration

Custom, Up-To-Date Technology Designs for Architects

Reduces Financial Risk

Technology Infrastructure Built To Handle Upgrades

Proven Collaboration

Proven Collaboration Among Trusted Teams

True Partners

Upgrades, Support, Maintenance From The Teams That Designed Them

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Build-Design, or IPD The IP Alliance can Help By

Lower Risk

The problem facing the construction industry is that today's buildings are no longer just simple buildings. They are more like a giant computers capable of housing workers, and complex systems that all interact with each other. The IP Alliance is dedicated to providing real time planning and the best custom and up-to-date plans to your chosen team of Architects, Engineers, and Builders to solve the problem of change order chaos and the overruns that go with it as well as establish a trusted partner to support critical technology systems. By incorporating the IP Alliance in the design phase of the build you will eliminate communication and technology infrastructure change orders, reduced overall change orders, lowered implementation costs, enjoyed higher quality technology infrastructure builds, expedited completion of builds, and reduced the overall risks associated with building projects.






Comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure standards that serve a wide range of uses from phone systems to data and computer networks to Audio/Video systems and more.


In today's world Audio/Visual solutions are more key than ever. As a part of the technology lead Design-Build A/V solutions are customized to fit your exact specifications and ensure seamless installations.


Adding controls to commercial lighting systems creates limitless potential for energy savings, enhanced ambiance, and data collection. A comfortable work environment increases employee productivity and creativity.

Building Efficiency

Electric is the heart of a buildings energy efficiency. Commercial Solar, electrical distribution, 24-Hour Electrical Service, High Voltage Underground and Overhead Distribution and more.


Our domain strengths coupled with product mindset bring value to the product development life-cycle by optimizing product engineering cost, reducing time to market and adapting to rapid change.

Access Control & Surveillance

Indispensable to any building is security and access control. From bio-metrics and card access to intrusion detection, camera systems, and intercoms our experts will walk you through the various systems and options available for your build.

Mobile Access Ability

In high traffic areas you will need to boost coverage of wireless network services and mobility. D.A.S. helps to improve reliability of wireless and mobile devices for employees, customers, and life safety services such as Police and Fire.


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